We sincerely thank the individuals who have already made a donation to the Melbourne Baroque Orchestra.

Tax -deductible donations are accepted through the Australian Cultural Fund.

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The Melbourne Baroque Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the support of the Robert Salzer Foundation, the University of Melbourne and the Australian Cultural Fund


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$2000 plus: The Erica Foundation, Jean Hadges.

$1000 plus: Carrillo Gantner AO, Chris Maxwell AC, Gillian Roberts, Vaughan Speck.

$500 plus: Prof. Kwong Lee Dow AO, Wilf Johnston, Angela Kayser, Jean Lehmann OAM, Susan Molony, Anonymous (3).

$250 plus: Anthony Adair, Catherine Cardinet, John Gault, Melinda Geertz, Michael Gu, Gabrielle Hall, Angela Li, Elizabeth Wallfisch, Anonymous (2).

$100 plus: Margaret Arnold, Judith Bishop, Rosemary Cameron, Anna Cooke, Beverley Davis AM JP, Lachlan Dent, Martin Houben, Dr John Hunt, Margaret Knight, Helen Lewis, Barry Luo, Susan Lyons, Michael Roper, Carol Veldhoven, Stephen Walter, Simon Williams, Anonymous (12).

Up to $100: Margot Breidahl, Sonia Heifetz, Renee Kobelt, Denise Livingstone, Anna McDowall, Queenie Muntz, Peter Nesveda, Peter Neustupny, Anna Pokorny, Donna Thibault, Gemma Turvey, Anonymous (6).

Updated Feb 2022