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We sincerely thank the individuals who have already made a donation to the Melbourne Baroque Orchestra.

Tax -deductible donations are accepted through the Australian Cultural Fund.

Make a donation here


The Melbourne Baroque Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the support of the Robert Salzer Foundation, the University of Melbourne and the Australian Cultural Fund


Join our ever-growing group of marvellous donors


$3000 plus
Angela Kayser.


$2000 plus:

The Erica Foundation, Jean Hadges.

$1000 plus:

Anonymous (2), Carrillo Gantner AO, Chris Maxwell AC, Gillian Roberts, Vaughan and Patricia Speck.

$500 plus:

Anonymous (3), Prof. Kwong Lee Dow AO, Wilf Johnston, Irene Kearsey, Jean Lehmann OAM, Susan Molony, Dr Magdalena Simonis.

$250 plus:

Anonymous (3), Anthony Adair, Catherine Cardinet, Beverley Davis OAM JP, John Gault, Melinda Geertz, Michael Gu, Gabrielle Hall, Dr John Hunt, Angela Li, Elizabeth Wallfisch.

$100 plus:

Anonymous (10), Margaret Arnold, Judith Bishop, Paul Browne, John Buxton-Rella, Rosemary Cameron, Anna Cooke, Lachlan Dent, Martin Houben, Margaret Knight, Helen Lewis, Barry Luo, Susan Lyons, Mary Muirhead OAM, Michael Roper, Carol Veldhoven, Stephen Walter, Simon Williams.

Up to $100:

Anonymous (8), Margot Breidahl, Sonia Heifetz, Renee Kobelt, Denise Livingstone, Anna McDowall, Queenie Muntz, Peter Nesveda, Peter Neustupny, Anna Pokorny, Donna Thibault, Gemma Turvey.

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